“These are the times we live in: the casual sex institutionalized complex. The mass-ingested half-boredom of fucking because you can and because it’s the closest thing to intimacy that you can fake without revealing anything about yourself other than your skin.” From my upcoming work of writing / photography to be shown in print journal Anolog, an excerpt from my…

GUP Portfolio Reviews

GUP Magazine is hosting a portfolio review in Amsterdam, in cooperation with Firestarters, on Sept 26. I’m among the reviewers, representing GUP, so if you’re a photographer who fancies kickstarting your work to the next level, go on and register. I’d love to see your work.

Respect the Medium

Firestarters has posted a short interview with me, about the upcoming portfolio review GUP has organized, and the media that photography is presented in. (in Dutch only)
Interview with Scot Sothern

Interview with Scot Sothern

"I have a certain amount of guilt for what I've done with these pictures and the way I've thrown 'em around and splattered these poor women in front of everybody, and sometimes I think I'm wrong and then I sometimes think I'm right, and that's what I live with, you know?"
—Scot Sothern (GUP Magazine)


Some words stand out to me as things which are so exotic I cannot grasp them. Archipelago. Stockholm, June 2013.


A developer explains to me that the web site’s back-end is making a guess at which cities to include in a list, but that it’s sometimes wrong. A guessing algorithm, my mind boggles, and in that moment I feel the weight that we have outsourced onto machines as we try to recreate the imperfections (deemed desirable) of our bio-matter brains…


In legalese functioning as modern philosophic poetry, the rules and guidelines inform me that the winners of the contest who accept a prize release the rights to have their works used “throughout the universe and in perpetuity.” I am then unable to work for the next hour, so beguiled am I by the idea of lawyers who now anticipate the…