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I work with creators and photographers on a personal basis to edit and mentor on a specific project or more broadly as an artist. This can be done in person by appointment in Amsterdam, or online anywhere in the world. Both mentoring and editing, to me, involve understanding your artistic intentions and language, and then helping you use your own language to arrive where you want to be.

Portfolio Review

This is the most practical of the services I offer. I will offer professional, critical feedback of the work you’re producing. I can do so either with a 1-hour in-person or Skype session, or if you prefer, can offer a written criticism (approx. 700 words). This is best suited for artists who are looking for an unvarnished view of the work they’re doing from someone in the industry.

  • To learn more about what a professional portfolio review is like, you might read my article So, What Do You Think? (GUP Magazine, June 2013).

Photo Editing

Editing requires distance and a different mode of thinking about your work. For this reason, an external editor is often a very useful part of progressing or completing a photo project. As an editor, I work to sharpen your artistic intentions, and then ensure those intentions are materialized in the work.

Editing sessions are often hands-on appointments, looking at images, discussing ideas and arriving at a final edit. I suggest a 2-hour session to edit, as a general rule of thumb.


In mentoring, I see the goal as to get you beyond a hurdle or block that is holding you back. It may be practical, emotional or mental. I have extensive experience with eliciting meaningful answers and intentions, and I use these techniques to get to the root of your current state and your future intentions.

Mentoring sessions can be a one-off meeting, to generally get your ideas further clarified, or can include multiple sessions as more of a development plan. I suggest a 2-hour session to start.

Collaborative Thinking

This is my custom development practice for creators. I combine my specialist expertise in creation with my analytical skills of eliciting answers and mirroring. Ultimately, I become a thinking companion to your own process, expanding your thoughts. It involves a high degree of empathy and structured thought.

Collaborative Thinking is usually better over a series of 1-hour meetings, rather than a one-off.

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