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I Love Animals

(Self-published, 2017) While animals are often much-loved characters in children’s cartoons, books and films, they’re also a part of our food source. How do we begin to explain the paradoxical 'love' we have for animals?


(Forthcoming from Leaping Man) Elsewhere is a personal|photo essay that looks at the author's view of movement, of the urgency to keep moving. The desire to always be, fundamentally, elsewhere.

Fruits de Mer

(2014) Fruits de Mer is a creative photography project produced in collaboration with executive chef Aaron Tighe of Loire Kitchen, as a personal project of support for The Ocean Cleanup during their fundraiser.

When I Think of Texas

(2011-2012) Texas is the place where I was born and raised, and I lived there for roughly two decades of my life before I moved away in 2003. I return to confront the mixed emotions I experience there.


(2009-2012) Home. The word conjures memories, feelings, imagery of people, even smells. The people in the project 'home' have chosen to leave their home and homelands to move to another country, in this instance, The Netherlands.

You Should Be Working

(2011) A series of portraits of people during excursions to escape the obligations and identities of work. Shot in various locations of leisure and nature as exercises in the value of playing hooky.

Moving Metropolises

(2009-2011) A video-based project using the Harinezumi digital toy camera. Films are based on personal explorations of metropolises, including Tokyo, New York City, and London.
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