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A selection of interviews I’ve conducted with artists, researchers, philosophers, and more.

Hettie Judah: The Artist-Mother Paradigm

"There is no artist mother paradigm. So, when I, as a middle-aged woman, make art, people assume it’s my nice hobby. They don’t take me seriously because it’s not a paradigm that we celebrate or that’s particularly visible, culturally. But being an artist mother is an identity that, once it’s articulated, people feel very strongly." —Hettie Judah (Riding the Dragon)

Debi Cornwall: State-Created Realities

"Even setting aside the critically important project of battling truth against lies, if we understand the exercise of state power as a performance, the focus shifts. What is the goal of this performance?"
—Debi Cornwall (Riding the Dragon)

Josh Cohen: Not Working

“What I feel like we’re seeing so much of in the age of the internet and social media is the workification, monetization, or commodification of every aspect of the human being that could once be seen as outside of the grind of activity.”
—Josh Cohen (Riding the Dragon)

Further reading

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