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Editor. Self-published by El-Art 2.0, 2018

Creativity as a Career: The Field Guide for Artists is a collaborative project between several European art schools, and authored by Rutger Middendorp and the El-Art team. It is produced under a Creative Commons license and is available to download in its entirety for free from:

The El-Art program, initiated by Rebecca Simon, was set up to help integrate entrepreneurship in European art schools through the development and distribution of teaching material and training programs for teachers and students. Creativity as a Career is a publication of El-Art, and, as explained in the introduction by Middendorp, will “help you with the practical, economic and life skills stuff you might not have learned at art school.”


You can also purchase a modestly priced print-on-demand copy of the field guide through American Book Center (ISBN 9789493075009).

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