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GUP#56 – Transition

GUP#56 is themed Transition and hits streets February 2018.

Let’s not get too curled up and cosy with the status quo. Things change. And while it may be comfortable to romanticise the past, or live in the now, or look forward to the future, each of these perspectives takes for granted that points in time are fixed. A photo likewise gives us this impression: it suspends a moment so that we may better examine or appreciate it.

GUP#56 has the theme of Transition, and features my interview with David LaChapelle about trying to take Jesus back from the Fundamentalists, and my interview with Audrey Tautou on the (un)importance of having a famous face as a photographer. The issue includes articles on the work of Maxim Dondyukand Lorenzo Triburgo, as well as a long-read article about contemporary Chinese photography featuring the work of Wang Qingsong, Yang Yonglian and Yao Lu.

Included in the issue are: Jošt Franko, Yingguang Guo, Sarah Mei Herman, Yan Kallen, Margaret Lansink, Catherine Leutenegger, and Tabitha Soren, among others.

Cover art by: David LaChapelle

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