Interview for Toy Tokyo

Interview for Toy Tokyo

"Sometimes my friends tell me stories of things that I know never happened – but how can you prove whose memory is correct? Photographs don’t prove anything because they’re not facts, they’re narratives."
—Katherine Oktober Matthews (Toy Tokyo, 2014)

I Live in the Twenty-first Century (after Richard Brautigan)

I live in the Twenty-first Century and you lie awake beside me. You watched your phone unhappily in the dark waiting for love in buzzing doses. There was nothing I could do about it. I felt hollow. Your face is so illuminated in torment that I cannot stop photographing it, and there’s nothing I can do to make you happy…

Respect the Medium

Firestarters has posted a short interview with me, about the upcoming portfolio review GUP has organized, and the media that photography is presented in. (in Dutch only)


A developer explains to me that the web site’s back-end is making a guess at which cities to include in a list, but that it’s sometimes wrong. A guessing algorithm, my mind boggles, and in that moment I feel the weight that we have outsourced onto machines as we try to recreate the imperfections (deemed desirable) of our bio-matter brains…


In legalese functioning as modern philosophic poetry, the rules and guidelines inform me that the winners of the contest who accept a prize release the rights to have their works used “throughout the universe and in perpetuity.” I am then unable to work for the next hour, so beguiled am I by the idea of lawyers who now anticipate the…
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